IMPORTANT: You must read the technical documents about track day regulations before coming to the Circuit.


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General Rules

  • This is a LEISURE EVENT and is not a competition.
  • Vehicles must be in perfect aesthetic and mechanical order.
  • Riders and passengers must be over 18 years old, except for Federation member riders, who must accredit membership.
  • Riders must be holders of driving licence “B”.
  • Riders / drivers are responsible for any type of damage caused to their vehicle or other attending vehicles.
  • The use of helmets is mandatory. Helmets for cars can be open face helmets, otherwise they must be full face helmets. Full face helmets must be worn in cabriolet cars and single seaters.
  • The use of a safety belt or safety harness is mandatory.
  • All additional safety measures (fireproof overalls, harnesses, roll bars, fire extinguishers, etc.) are encouraged but are not compulsory.
  • The maximum alcohol blood content permitted is 0.0, which may be verified through random tests during the event.
  • There must not be any loose objects inside vehicles.
  • Rear seat passengers are not allowed.

More scheduled track days

There are currently no scheduled track days.


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Booking in advance

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Booking at the Circuit on track days

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