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24 hours cycling


August 1sr and 2nd, the Circuit celebrates the first edition of the 24 hours Cyclo Circuit

Circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia hosts this cycling test like other permanent race tracks

Logo Cyclo CircuitThe first weekend of August 2015, the Circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia will have different protagonists on his asphalt, that will not be the motor racing drivers or riders, but cyclists willing to take on an epic cycling test. 24 hours against the clock turning the permanent Cheste circuit.

It will be a team race where members will go relieving according to the strategy determined by the head of each squad. The teams will be composed from two cyclists to eight participants with male, female and mixed classifications. There is also the possibility of playing solo test 24 hours.

as ciclistas2Titanic Events presented the proposal to the permanent Cheste circuit as it does in other circuits. Nurburgring (Germany), Le Mans in France and Mont Tremblant in Canada are high-level circuits where 24-hour cycling races are held. All these race tracks have hosted the Formula 1 World Championship or MotoGP races. To fit into the timetable has been decided deploy the test in the month of August as the Ricardo Tormo circuit is one of the most busy throughout the season.

A magnificent asphalt MotoGP circuit

24 hours organization on the circuit of Valencia is full of advantages. Facilities for participants and public, the ability to view the entire track and especially the magnificent asphalt having along the 4005 meters. That asphalt and track width (12 meters) leads to the safety of participants.

And RUNNING: Night 8K

correindo con la lunaBefore 24 h CycloCircuit, running fans will meet in the asphalt of Cheste. July 31st at 22:00 hours, two laps Grand Prix. A total of 8 kilometers under the light of a full moon that will help the runners. You can find all about information and registration

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