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Car batches

The Ricardo Tormo Circuit convenes car sessions open to anyone who wants to ride with their car, both professionals and amateurs.

The Car Rounds will consist of 4 rounds A, B, C and D of 30 minutes each, which can be purchased together or separately, once the advance sale is closed, or once the capacity is reached , a list with the places available will be published for those who want to purchase them at the Race Office of the Circuit directly on the day of the sessions The timetable may be subject to change given that a competition is also being held. Once the registration period has closed, the final timetable will be sent.
  • COMPANY (Anyone who wants it)


4 batches (advance sale only) 250 euros
1 batch 70 euros
box rental 165 euros
  • MANDATORY INSURANCE, €15 per person, this must be contracted both for the pilot and for the companion, in case you want to bring a companion. It will have to be paid at the Race Office.
  • BOX RENTAL: Those who wish to box will have to pay €165, plus a €100 deposit that will be refunded once the key is returned. It will have to be paid at the Race Office.


  • This is a FUN RIDE, not a competition.
  • The vehicle must be in good cosmetic and mechanical condition.
  • The Circuit reserves the right to enter vehicles based on security reasons under the exclusive criteria of the race direction. Single-seater and convertible vehicles will not be admitted in general batches.
  • Both pilot and companion must be over 18, with the exception of federated pilots, a fact that must be accredited.
  • The The pilot must have a B driving license.
  • The pilot assumes any type of damage that may occur to his vehicle or between assisting vehicles.
  • The use of a helmet is mandatory; if it is for motorsports, it may be open, otherwise it must be integral.
  • The use of a seat belt or harness is mandatory.
  • All additional safety measures (flame retardant clothing , harnesses, bars, fire extinguishers…) are welcome but not compulsory.
  • The maximum authorized blood alcohol level will be 0.0 and it can be checked randomly during the event.
  • It is not allowed carry loose objects inside the vehicle.
  • It is not allowed to carry occupants in the rear seats.

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