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One more finish for Merhi in Bahrain

Roberto Merhi, Barein, previo
Roberto Merhi

A tough day for Roberto Merhi in Barhain. The Spaniard finished his thrid consecutive race, this time in seventeenth position, but he didn’t have an easy task and he couldn’t drive at the level he expected.

At the start he managed to overtake Stevens and get behind Kvyat, but that was all the Castellon born driver could do, as after the first laps traction problems because of intense tyre wear began, a situation repeated with all the sets of tyres, two softs and one hard, he used during the 57 laps of the Grand Prix of Bahrain.

Next weekend Roberto is facing his third consecutive racing event with the beginning of the World Series by Renault at Alcañiz. It will be a radical change for the Valencian as at the Renault championship he’s among the favourites to fight for the win after his great 2014.

Roberto Merhi: “I had a very hard race. I didn’t have any traction, the tyres went away very quickly, even trying to take care of them. If I pushed a bit there were a lot of risks of going off track so we have to see what happened as, to be honest, I was hoping for a bit more. From the team viewpoint we’ve had a positive weekend as Stevens showed that we have a good pace and everybody did a great job. Each time it is more evident that we are getting closer to our rivals.”


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