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Tesla is the new official car of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo


Circuit Ricardo Tormo and Tesla have announced a pioneering collaboration whereby Tesla electric cars will become the official vehicles of Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

The union between Tesla and Circuit Ricardo Tormo highlights the commitment of both parties to innovation, sustainability and the promotion of electric mobility in the field of motorsport.

Circuit Ricardo Tormo is known for being a benchmark in the world of motorcycling and motorsport and has decided to take a step into the future by integrating Tesla’s electric vehicles into its daily operations. From now on, two Tesla cars will be in charge of crucial functions during competitions: the safety car, in charge of ensuring the safety of the riders in race situations, and the medical car, which will provide fast and efficient medical care in case of emergencies.

Tesla’s choice as an official partner of Circuit Ricardo Tormo is based on the recognized safety attested by impressive 5-star EuroNCAP test results, the quality and performance of its electric vehicles, as well as its commitment to sustainability and vision for a cleaner, more energy-efficient future. The models selected to play these key roles on the circuit will incorporate Tesla’s advanced technology, and will offer not only safety and efficiency, but also a state-of-the-art driving experience.

Circuit Ricardo Tormo general manager Nicolás Collado said, “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Tesla. By incorporating Tesla’s electric vehicles as a safety car and medical car, we are not only raising safety standards at the circuit, but we are also leading the way towards a more sustainable future in motorsport”.

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