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#ValenciaGP, everyone’s Grand Prix


 Motul Valencia Grand Prix  will be held on 6, 7 and 8 November at the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo. Here we will be giving eeeeeeevery service information so you do not miss anything during your visit to #ValenciaGPThe best ways for coming to the Grand Prix are the train and, of course, riding your bike. We do not advise you to drive your car. Moreover we ask you not to do. But if you’ve finally chosen this way you should keep in mind that if all fill our cars with 4 or 5 occupants, traffic will be more fluid.

This year there is a novelty, we have enabled a forth access to the circuit, the D access for fans with White and Red Tribunes tickets.

There are four ways to come into the Car Park, and parking is for free:


A. A-3 highway exit 334, especially for:

accredited vehicles
Fans with tickets Boxes Tribune / Orange Tribune / Yellow Tribune / Blue Tribune
B. Highway A-3 Output 340 – 374 hp – 383 hp, especially for:

Fans with tickets Orange Tribune  / Yellow Tribune / Blue Tribune / Green Tribune
C. Exit Highway A-3 378 332 CV – CV 3845, especially for:

Fans with tickets Blue Tribune / Green Tribune / Red Tribune
D. Highway A-3 Output 332 – Roundabout Way

Fans with tickets Red Tribune / WhiteTribune

Tito Rabat at 2014 Pit Walk

Fans at the track

Get ready to run … If you have a Boxes Tribune ticket you can participate in the Controlled Invasion of the track, just when the MotoGP riders cross the line run to go to the meeting point at the end of the finishing straight once marshalls give the go-ahead you will enter the track and access the home straight in front of the podium and celebrate with MotoGP riders victory in the race and maybe the achievement of a title.

Remember it is only for fans at Tribune Boxes.


Camping Area

They are now on sale Camping Area spots. Click here and ensure a space for you, your tent, your bike, your car or your motorhome.

The camp is located near the main entrance of the Circuit. The best way to come in is accessing by the A-3 and exit 334, before entering the circuit, to the right is the Camping Area

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